Wood Brick Fuel - Premium Firewood Alternative

Made from 100% environmentally friendly recycled wood.

U.S. Recycled Wood Products Inc. is dedicated to producing alternative wood brick fuel made from kiln dried wood waste. Wood bricks are a convenient alternative to traditional firewood, as they are bug and dirt free and can be stored inside the home. US Recycled Wood Products Inc. partners with current wood product manufacturers and provides opportunities to maximize their raw material’s potential.

Burns Hotter, Cleaner & Longer
than Regular Firewood!



US Recycled Wood Products produces wood brick fuel which is alternative wood fuel to firewood and cordwood. This wood brick fuel is produced from kiln dried wood waste. Wood brick fuel burns hotter, cleaner, and longer than the equivalent amount of firewood without using any additional binders or accelerants. No special burning appliance is required. Wood bricks can be used wherever typical cordwood, firewood is burned. Wood bricks are produced by submitting dry wood waste particles to extreme compression forces, using the natural lignin chemicals of the wood as the binding agent creating a wood product denser than typical wood. It is made from recycled wood waste generated by American Wood Products Manufacturers. Customers can be satisfied in using a, Domestically Manufactured, Recycled Fuel for home heating that is considered carbon neutral.

USRWP is always looking for Waste Wood Material.

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