U.S. Recycled Wood Products - AmbientFire logs


Finally, a recycled firelog product to burn in fireplaces , campfires and chimneas! Feel great about enjoying an AmbientFire. These firelogs come from 100% renewable resources and burn longer and hotter than traditional firewood. Easy to stack and store, and they're bug and mold free.

See how AmbientFire logs stack up to traditional firewood by viewing our Comparison Chart.

Details of the Chart's Comparisons follow below:


Why burn an AmbientFire?



  • 100% renewable resources – Wood is the ultimate natural renewable resources

  • Made of Just Wood – enough said … US Recycled AmbientFire logs are made of nothing but wood residue

  • No petroleum, chemical additives or added accelerants – Waxed-sawdust logs – as produced by leading manufactured firelog brands – are made with additives to facilitate combustion. US Recycled adds no accelerants to the densified logs

  • Reduces use of virgin resources for wood burning – every ton of US Recycled densified logs is equivalent to 12 mature trees! That is 12 trees allowed to live as a ton of US Recycled AmbientFire logs are produced from nothing more than wood residue.

  • Improves fuel efficiency – US Recycled AmbientFire logs burn hotter and longer than traditional firewood. US Recycled AmbientFire logs = up to 8,200 BTU/lb while conventional firewood, (20% moisture content) averages between 6,400 BTU/lb – 7,000BTU/lb depending on species of wood. A 3-log US Recycled AmbientFire logs fire is ideal and burns consistently hot for 2 – 2 1/2 hours in an open fireplace – even longer in an air tight wood stove. This compared to typical conventional firewood where burn time varies depending on airflow, tending, and placement of wood but 3 logs rarely last longer than 1/2 hour in an open fireplace.

  • Improved fuel quality – US Recycled AmbientFire logs burn cleaner than firewood, resulting in fewer of the emissions that create indoor and outdoor wood smoke pollution. EPA tests also show a 25% reduction in time for smoke to dissipate.

  • Improved fuel cost - One pallet (one ton) of our US Recycled AmbientFire logs is equivalent to approximately 1 1/2 to 2 cords of natural wood which currently selling for approximately $300 per cord … and big savings for the total energy produced by our densified logs.

  • Produces Less fine-particle emissions - there is 35% - 58% less fine particle emissions into our environment according to EPA tests (Environment Protection Agency) and “they burn longer and emit 25-50% less PM10, CO and VOCs than burning cordwood." (California Woodburning Handbook)

  • Less ash residue – the residual ash rate is approximately 0.7% of the initial mass; the rate of conventional firewood is between 1% and 4%.

  • Uses recycled wood waste – US Recycled AmbientFire logs are made from wood residue from the primary and secondary wood processing industries. Sawdust and wood chips that would otherwise end up in landfills is transformed into densified logs, therefore reducing environmental problems due to disposal.

  • Easy to use, stack and store – Compact storage and easy handling with no splinters; flat-sided logs do not roll and stack easily; Each log is small and light enough for just about any level of strength and hand size; no splitting, re-stacking, or seasoning; Minimal cleanup: Less creosote and wood stove glass stays cleaner.

  • Greenhouse Gases Emission neutral - Naturally carbon neutral: burning wood recycles to the atmosphere the carbon dioxide absorbed during its lifetime, therefore maintaining the balance in atmospheric CO2.

  • Extended burn time – the burn time of a 3-log US Recycled AmbientFire logs fire is approximately 2 – 3 hours; an equivalent burn time for firewood would require 4 – 5 bundles of conventional logs.

  • Consistent high quality – extremely low moisture content (10%), no insects, dirt, fungus, mold, or rot.

  • Great and safe for all modes of wood burning – US Recycled AmbientFire logs are perfect for any mode of wood burning used for conventional firewood – fireplaces, wood stoves, chimineas, firepits and campfires. One look at the instructions for using waxed-sawdust manufactured logs alerts users its safety limitations. Users of US Recycled densified AmbientFire logs report enjoying the fires as much as traditional logs while appreciating all of their advantages.